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Enabling sustainability

About us

We are an expert team focused on performing LCA studies, creating environmental product declarations (EPD), verifying EPDs for The International EPD System, as well as creating documents for Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and Organization Environmental Footprint (OEF) declarations. We also provide life cycle based environmental data for GRI standard reporting.

Thanks to the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology, we can determine the environmental impacts of products, products, services, and organizations. Furthermore, this methodology is used to calculate carbon footprint or to process environmental product declarations according to ČSN EN ISO 14025. The results of an LCA study can also serve to reduce the environmental impact of companies, to communicate with the customer, to increase competitiveness or for development and research. This way, we can minimize the negative impacts on the environment and choose the right steps for a better future.

LCA methodology

The main benefit of the LCA analytical method is its ability to transform aggregate data (often extensive) on emissions, energy consumption or fuel requirements into a clear set of environmental indicators or a footprint.

Tailored approach

Our studies are always based on site-specific data. We use our own data inputs for electricity generation, waste management (landfilling and energy recovery of waste) or wastewater treatment localized for the Czech Republic. We only use foreign database entries in justified cases.


Our team consists of experts in many fields who have extensive experience in both academia and business. Through experience not only with the projects of our existing clients, but also via working on national and international research and development projects, we can offer adequate knowledge, skills, and experience in the field of LCA and sustainability for even the most demanding projects.

Quality Assurance

Our company has a certified the Management System according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 for the scope Performing and delivery of studies on Sustainability, LCA, Environmental Impacts including Carbon Footprint and related consulting activities.

  • Water footprint

    Calculation of water footprint of a product, process, or organization according to ČSN EN ISO 14046.

    Water footprint

  • Carbon footprint

    Calculation of carbon footprint of a product according to ČSN ISO 14067 and the carbon footprint of an organization according to ČSN ISO 14064. Elaboration of Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 GHG Report in accordance with IPPC AR5.


  • ESG-s

    Processing data for non-financial ESG reporting according to the EU directive (EU directive 2022/2464).



    Preparation of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and EPD Climate Declaration according to the requirements of The International EPD® System or according to ČSN EN 15804.

    Preparation of Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and Organization Environmental Footprint (OEF) documentation according to the requirements of European Commission documents (PEFCR Guidance and OEFCR Guidance).

    EPD, PEF

  • Verification

    Verification of existing LCA and EPD according to the requirements of The International EPD® System and according to ČSN EN ISO 14040 and existing PEF and OEF studies according to the requirements of the European Commission documents PEFCR Guidance and OEFCR Guidance.


  • Ekodesign

    Assessment of the sustainability and environmental benefits of a project based on the LCA study and the requirements of ISO 14045.


  • LCA Study

    Performing LCA studies of products / services / technologies / organizations and determining environmental indicators in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 14040 and 14044.

    LCA Study

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Here we are

LCA Studio s.r.o

Šárecká 1962/5, 160 00 Praha 6, IČO: 10774424

Spisová značka C 348217 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze.

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Our team

prof. Ing. Vladimír Kočí, PhD
CEO, communication with clients
LCA, EPD, carbon footprint, experience since 2004
GSM: +420 608 055 972

Ing. et Ing. Tatiana Trecáková, PhD
Chief LCA and ESG expert, communication with clients,
LCA, ESG, reporting

Ing. Petra Kšenžighová
LCA expert, project manager

Ing. Hana Brunhoferová, Ph.D.
LCA expert for chemical technologies and civil engineering, project managerCommunication with German-speaking clients

Matej Plesník, DiS.
Business representation and communication with clients
Representation for Slovakia
GSM: +421 907 136 851

Ing. Eliška Purkarová, PhD
LCA expert for manufacturing companies and waste management

Ing. Kamila Sirotná
LCA expert in plastic products, metallurgy and lighting systems

Ing. Aleš Paulu
LCA expert on water management, chemical operations and brewing

MgA. Jan Kulhánek
Ecodesign, packaging expert, Envisketch

Ing. Monika Vitvarová
LCA energy expert

bc. Martina Hájková
LCA expert on water management, electrical equipment recycling, MFA

RNDr. Markéta Šerešová, PhD
LCA expert for manufacturing companies and construction products