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An expert team from Czech Republic conducting Life Cycle Assessment studies

Packaging sustainability

Every material that needs to be produced for the production of packaging has a greater or lesser impact on the environment from the point of view of its entire life cycle. Even today, often prioritised paper has, in its curriculum vitae, certain energy intensity during production or production of emissions in the final disposal phase, whether the paper ends up in a landfill or in a energy recovery facility. We cannot do without packaging today.

So, how do we know which packaging is more environmentally friendly?

In order to compare individual packaging materials and types of packaging, it is necessary to evaluate the packages together with the respective product considering their entire life cycle. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is one of the few analytical methods currently available to cover all the different stages of the packaging life cycle and to assess their environmental impacts.

Packaging sustainability focuses on the design and use of packaging solutions with a view to minimizing their environmental impacts.

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