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An expert team from Czech Republic conducting Life Cycle Assessment studies

Environmental product declaration – EPD

Environmental product declaration following ISO 14025:2006 is ecolabeling based on LCA study. This internationally valid certificate declares environmental performance of your product, service or company. EPD is useful for B2B and B2C comunication.

Verification of EPDs

For The International EPD System LCAstudio offers a independent verification of your EPDs.

How to obtain EPD

First it is essential to conduct LCA for chosen product. After a critical review an EPD document is made. EPD is certificated by acreditated certification body. Consequently EPD can be published.

Examples of EPDs developed by LCAstudio

Epichlorohydrin – Spolchemie, a.s.

Liquid epoxy resin – Spolchemie, a.s.

Kingspan sandwich QuadCore panels

Burned brick Heluz

Homogenous and heterogenous floor covering and homogenousand heterogenous izolation foils produced by Fatra, a.s. Napajedla.

Portland cements and soil stabilization products produced by Holcim, a.s.



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